At home there are many animals that probably are not noticed because of their small size. This is the case of mites, microscopic insects that invade any home and causes severe allergies. This article presents allergies that cause limits and how to avoid it. Remember that here at External Venetian Blinds you can find solutions to get rid of curtain, the favourite place for mites to live.

Mites usually inhabit mattresses, pillows, furniture, stuffed animals and carpets are lovers of humid climates, they are also called dust mites because they often inhabit the dust. These can cause allergic reactions to people when they are exposed and near this small animal.

Among the symptoms of this type of allergies are:

  • Dripping nose
  • Itching of the affected skin
  • Strong and constant sneezing
  • Itchy eyes
  • Cough and a small whistle in the chest when breathing

What causes the allergy reaction?

Mites feed on people’s skin, but their mere presence is not the cause of the allergy but its excrement. When the excrement of the tiny animal comes into contact with people’s skin, the symptoms of the allergy begin.

This reaction can be very annoying, even if you do not manage to calm the symptoms you begin to feel pain in the area of ​​the nose and throat due to exhaustion suffered by the symptoms

Recommendations against the mites

To avoid allergies caused by mites you must completely eliminate the environmental conditions of the limit, this is why it is advised:

  • Use wood or plastic furniture, if you use any type of cloth, you should clean them every day with an anti-mite substance.
  • It is recommended to use air conditioning
  • Use rugs that can be washed, wash them frequently
  • Avoid the use of artefacts that increase the humidity of your home’s environment
  • Frequently vacuum the curtains, mattress, furniture, stuffed animals and any other place where the limit is

But if you want to get rid of mites forever, you will need to make significant changes in your house and the way you perform daily tasks. Here we will provide you with everything you need to know if you want to get rid of mites:

  1. Change bedding regularly

Mites feed mainly on dust and dead skin. When we sleep, we release particles so that these microorganisms can feast. Therefore, try to change sheets and blankets every one or two weeks.

  1. Wash everything with hot water

All bedding should be washed with water as hot as possible (55 ° C, approximately). You can program the washing machine at that temperature. Do not hesitate to use a powerful and excellent quality detergent. We recommend products that contain eucalyptus oil, tea tree or cedar to increase the effectiveness of washing.

If you use cold or warm water, it is convenient to use, in addition to the laundry detergent, some type of bleach suitable for garments. Do not mix the bedding with the other clothes to prevent the mites from passing from one object to the other. After washing you can rinse the washing machine with hot water to get rid of the parasites completely.

To dry the clothes, place in the sun all day after going through the hot dryer.

  1. Weekly vacuums

This appliance not only works for carpets, but can also be used for the sofa, curtains, chairs (depending on the upholstery they have), the bed, etc.

In other words, all those furniture or places where people lie down and can leave dead skin cells. In order for the vacuum cleaner to do its job effectively, it must have a double-layer microfilter bag, that is, it will trap dust particles and mites at the same time.

Keep in mind that vacuuming surfaces is no guarantee that these pathogens and their allergens will disappear.

The good thing is that the dust and the particles with which they feed are greatly reduced. Do not forget to do the proper maintenance of the vacuum cleaner to make it work better.

  1. Steam clean

Especially if you have carpets on the floor. This option dissolves dirt, but also kills germs and mites on both the surface and the deeper parts of the fabric.

After this cleaning you will have to pass a dryer or product in dry, since the humidity can create the ideal environment for bacteria to accumulate and call the attention of these microorganisms.

In turn, we recommend that you do not use dusters or dry rags, because they spread the allergens in the air. Better to use a damp cloth or a mop for dry surfaces.

  1. Wash your stored clothes

It is usual to keep blankets and warm clothes when the summer begins and then remove them as soon as winter begins. Before putting them in bed or using them, we advise you to wash them first.

During all the time they were in a box or under the bed the mites multiplied and survived the confinement.

  1. Cover everything you do not use

Dust-proof anti-allergy covers are made on the market, made of well-woven cloth to prevent mites from settling. The pillows are better than synthetic padding. On the other hand, the suitable mattresses are those that contain viscoelastic foam.

  1. Say goodbye to stuffed animals and carpets

To prevent mites from wreaking havoc on our health, better reduce the areas where they can develop, such as stuffed toys and carpeted floors.

We also recommend that you do not sleep on the sofa, to prevent them from proliferating in it, and that you have the least number of objects that attract dust. A minimalistic decoration can be the key. And do not forget to ventilate the rooms, at least, once a week.

Finally, get rid of your curtains and use blinds

Curtains are one of the favourite places for mites to live, if you get rid of them you will easily decrease the chances of mites living in your house. With outdoor blinds from External Venetian Blinds you can forget about mites and accumulated dust that usually attracts them. Contact us today for more information!

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