Moving to a new place can be stressful so when you need to complete your furniture removal in Adelaide successfully, contacting expert cheap furniture removalists in Adelaide is an excellent choice. We are experienced professionals who have done many Adelaide furniture removals throughout the years.

We understand searching for a reliable company offering cheat furniture removals in Adelaide is challenging so here at Five Star Removals we provide a second to none service at an affordable price. You no longer need to worry for your Adelaide furniture removals because we are qualified professionals who have worked on this field for many years. Today we will tell you some tips for packing, some of the key steps we always consider before starting any removal.

Always remember to wrap fragile things in bubble wrap and write “FRAGILE” throughout the cardboard box, especially on more expensive furniture such as leather sofas. This is something you cannot skip if you are going to have a furniture removal in Adelaide.

As the boxes pile up, it’s time to start thinking about how to move the furniture. For some people who already have the experience of having ever moved, wrapping furniture is just another task on the list of cheap furniture removalists in Adelaide. But for people who do not move as often, thinking about moving furniture safely can be daunting, for that reason it is more suitable to look for good cheap furniture removals in Adelaide.

Get rid of staff you do not use

Moving is an excellent time to consider if it is worth throwing or recycling a piece of furniture that we have. Experts in furniture removal in Adelaide will always advise you to

Moving is already an overwhelming process, and much more if you have to discover how to perfectly wrap your grandmother’s old wardrobe so that you can travel safely to your new home. For that reason, selecting our cheap furniture removals in Adelaide is a great option for anyone looking to save time and move without any drawbacks.

What do you need to protect your furniture when moving?

The following items are always part of the “never forget” list for any professional of cheap furniture removals in Adelaide:

  • Mattress cover
  • Sofa cover
  • Large black garbage bags
  • Bubble wrap
  • Ziploc Bags
  • Mobile pads and blankets

First things first: look for the most efficient company for furniture removal in Adelaide to move heavy things, contact us today and ask us as many questions as you need to ask to ensure our Adelaide furniture removals are exactly what you need. When you select our cheap furniture removals in Adelaide you can be sure we will carry our own blankets which are the key to ensuring that your furniture arrives at your next destination without damage, so be sure to have them.

Packing your furniture

What our cheap furniture removalists in Adelaide will do first is wrapping all the furniture ahead of time as possible. Our services for cheap furniture removals in Adelaide are the most cost-efficient choice, but if you want to save time, you can do this yourself, we will provide you with useful information so you can complete the task and have everything ready for your Adelaide furniture removals.

Wrapping your furniture will allow workers to simply enter and start loading the truck, making the whole furniture removal in Adelaide easier and faster, however, if you want to ensure your stuff is packed correctly and safe during the whole trip, you can just let our cheap furniture removalists in Adelaide complete this job successfully. Logically, it is understandable that some tasks have to be carried out by our professionals in cheap furniture removals in Adelaide since we have all the tools needed to complete this task.

You may require help from professionals in Adelaide furniture removals to move your bed frames, large sofas or unwieldy furniture. Our workers have certain ways to efficiently wrap any type of furniture. But these are some types of furniture you can wrap before we get there are some types of furniture that are excellent to wrap before the big day:

  • Chairs (stools, dining tables, chairs to sit, etc.)
  • Comfortable
  • TV stands of small and medium size
  • Auxiliary tables
  • Small and medium dressers
  • Kitchen furniture
  • Desks

When wrapping the legs of the chair, the legs of the table or anything that protrudes from a piece of furniture, be careful because these pieces can easily break. If the legs of the furniture cannot be easily removed, wrap something soft around them before covering them with a plastic wrap. This will help create a barrier between the legs and anything that may damage them during the furniture removal in Adelaide. If the legs of a piece of furniture can be removed, our team of expert cheap furniture removalists  will have them removed, be sure to put the screws, bolts and any other small parts in a clearly labelled Ziploc bag so you do not lose anything during transportation.


Important is that you are not going to manipulate a piece of furniture that you want to paint.

Packing larger furniture

When packing a sofa or a large chair, it is important to remove the cushions before wrapping the frame. Expert advice from top cheap furniture removalists in Adelaide: the cushions are excellent space fillings for heavy boxes that have extra space in them. After placing a sofa cover (or chair) on the furniture, be sure to tape it on the bottom of the furniture to close the entrance to the fabric, this is key to complete Adelaide furniture removals. Actually, you only need to wrap the sides of the furniture, even the legs, if there are any.

The sofa cover will protect the upper part of the sofa, so that we are completely securing the sofa cover and protecting the legs. It is a good idea to ask experts in furniture removal in Adelaide to do this.

Although this may be common sense, the locker room must be completely empty. If the dresser is made of wood, place a moving blanket first and then wrap it in plastic over the blanket. This will help the wood breathe while moving and will keep the blanket secure on the more delicate exterior of the wood furniture.

And remember that here at Five Star Removals you can find the services of highly qualified Adelaide furniture removals at an excellent price.


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